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Pat Merino

Too bad it rained but a good decision to move it to the beer garden. Will post some shots up on WLA ;-)

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ASTORIA MUSIC NOW! MOVED TO NEW LOCATIONS due to Severe Weather Advisories. - Astoria Music & Arts
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ASTORIA MUSIC NOW! MOVED TO NEW LOCATIONS due to Severe Weather Advisories. - Astoria Music & Arts
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ASTORIA MUSIC NOW! MOVED TO NEW LOCATIONS due to Severe Weather Advisories. - Astoria Music & Arts
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ASTORIA MUSIC NOW! MOVED TO NEW LOCATIONS due to Severe Weather Advisories. - Astoria Music & Arts jmcnklcxmgjroll forming machine
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ASTORIA MUSIC NOW! MOVED TO NEW LOCATIONS due to Severe Weather Advisories. - Astoria Music & Arts
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